You’re no one, nobody and nothing to me
But, my soul searches for you, time and again
Your smile is a boon to my age-old sacrament
Eyeballs are yearning for your tête-à-tête
Passions instigate from the profundity of my heart
But all my talents peter out in your absence
Manna dew of seventh heaven reflects your visage
You’re winter’s first shower, this thirsty earth craves to sip


Charisma of your visage
I’m an imperfect sage
Miles apart you seat
I hear your heart beat
It reverberates whole
In my throbbing soul
Scorching ember of noon
Gyrates nippy night of moon
Ethical in steamy belief
Escorts to gloomy grief
Shadow shatters attitude
Saddens no way fortitude
Passage of life is comic
Message of love is cosmic


Cheery visage of chic flora
Captivates the cadence of life
Blooming garden of buoyancy
Surmises not the survival
Today is the aperture of
Rest of the lustrous days
Breathe the verve of bliss
Before the petals wither
Let the bouquet of fragrance
Blossom in pretty colors