Where is river Styx to offer us the clout of immunity?

Who will heal the lesion in this, ‘Achilles’ heel?’

So many venomous arrows pierced our framework

Are there any mystic rivulets to wash away deadly sins?


Are there any nymphs and doves? If so materialize before us;

Open the gate of Ambrosia to devour the nectar of longevity

Multi skull Hydra of noxious breath and blood hisses

Where the flowery backyard of charming birds sing                            

Stymphalian birds of bronze peaks, metallic feathers

Hound for human brain and guzzle the blood of life

We’re not the Heracles to accomplish the Herculean task

Legend of life depends on the acumen of highbrow verdict!







I put firewall to my ambitions
Attached algorithm to life data
Analogous to digital means
Debug errors of bygone years.
Breathing in an Apps’ world,
Laserdisc life hallucinated by
Colorful graphical configuration
Login to yet another domain
Binary character of fabricated life
Nevertheless we display inner bytes
Buffer for existence as a client
Complier of unsolicited connections
Our life has only one secret code
Never restarts when you crash
No cursors to control in this window
The nebulous place is always a FUD factor!
* FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in computer language.



Clouds that hover over the mountain pinnacle
Mould to miniscule to merge as ocean drop
Water that originates from the crystalline torrents
Vapors into condensed haze of cumulonimbus
My whispering chants of entreaty to your ears
Shower the mercy hose to fill up this rivulet
The spell of rain will realize the dreams of
Dehydrated domains in ceaseless dearth!


Sub-zero survival of freezing and melting,
We are yesterday’s snow, tomorrow’s sluice,
O, the Sanctity of all Seventh Heaven and Cloud Nine,
Smear down the oozing blood from the hollowness of our heart
Thaw our tears from the doppelganger ogles of compassion
Bestow us a chance to gasp from the goblet of vacuity
Gratis from the vanished dreams of night’s emptiness
Grant the seascape to enjoy the clarity of the dawn
Bestow us the boon to enter the isle of infinity



O my Moon, gorgeous globe of the Heavens!
Swell up from the profundity of the dark sky
Stand still; wait to set, my anxious appeal,
Anguished soul of mine wants to sleep a lot
The clock strikes eleven; ultimate hour approaches,
Slumber, Slumber!  Come fast, come fast,
I crave to dream a lot, throughout the night,
And fill my mind with sacred thoughts
But the forty winks could not surmount me
Splendid beauty of the moon surpasses me
By watching your amiable visage, I dreamt a lot!


You are the re-embodiment of my adored soul,
Facsimile of the essence of love and hatred
You foster fascinating food to fertile emotions                                                            
You surpass all nuptial mirth of livelihood
You throw my wits across the yawning chasm  
Grief and glee amasses the music of compassion
Sore thinking and subtle bigotry makes me blind                                                          
Heaping over Himalayan howler, meager regrets make me
The lumbering voice of distrust and mistrust
Why don’t you absorb and grasp the embryonic thoughts
hatched by the barren minds of hypocrisy?
Kissing the knife, you impair your facade
The blood will not pacify the Tsunamic soul!



You’re no one, nobody and nothing to me
But, my soul searches for you, time and again
Your smile is a boon to my age-old sacrament
Eyeballs are yearning for your tête-à-tête
Passions instigate from the profundity of my heart
But all my talents peter out in your absence
Manna dew of seventh heaven reflects your visage
You’re winter’s first shower, this thirsty earth craves to sip