Sub-zero survival of freezing and melting,
We are yesterday’s snow, tomorrow’s sluice,
O, the Sanctity of all Seventh Heaven and Cloud Nine,
Smear down the oozing blood from the hollowness of our heart
Thaw our tears from the doppelganger ogles of compassion
Bestow us a chance to gasp from the goblet of vacuity
Gratis from the vanished dreams of night’s emptiness
Grant the seascape to enjoy the clarity of the dawn
Bestow us the boon to enter the isle of infinity



You’re no one, nobody and nothing to me
But, my soul searches for you, time and again
Your smile is a boon to my age-old sacrament
Eyeballs are yearning for your tête-à-tête
Passions instigate from the profundity of my heart
But all my talents peter out in your absence
Manna dew of seventh heaven reflects your visage
You’re winter’s first shower, this thirsty earth craves to sip