Condensed clouds of cumulonimbus bursts
The earth is soaked by the season of liquid days
Moist sun saunters over unfathomable billows
Hose – fumes of ambiance boost up greenish pastures
Water of precipitation fills craters of the carved globe
The blend of sky and earth liquefies the pangs of separation
Ancestry of the creation attains salvage by tiny droplets of rain
The manna dew of the Heavens showers the quintessence of life



We are lambs of abattoir
Waiting for a shepherd to
Bestow salvage from slaughter
We gasp in the globe of our own,
Catastrophe augment crescendo
Resonant reminiscences of
Blissful and blessed past nourish
The life of ingenious monotony,
Starlight Wilderness of severity
Beacon unfocused ferryboat
We are confined birds longing for
Fluttering firmament of choice
Perseverance fades to seasons
Capricious orators, avarice curators
Capture the corpus of life
Inbuilt silicon chips of our brain
Patent to others whimsical notion
Diligent efforts of Sixth sense
Betoken the longest lexis,
–       Vigil Kumar
* Habit of estimating something as worthless