As you grow up sky-scraping
Make your roots unfathomable
Infiltrate into endless terrain
Escalate inner mind, kindle soul                                           
Serene in the sanctum of heart                                 
You ascend above the whirlwind
Make radiance in bewilderment
Carry coronet in the halo head!


God shiva 1

Capricious soul of mine searches for solace
Surrenders your feet to cosmic convergence
Celestial pageantry of ceremonial shivrathri 
Erases the hours of nightlong darkness in life
Invincible influence of your mystical thoughts
Enlightens me from the invisible path of ignorance
Inferno of the Third eye blazes my innate ego
Trident and Drum bestows brains and hum
My spirit lounges in the margin of Hell and Heaven
Ball is in the patio of yours to choose my kismet
Every day lessens the longevity of my life
But steers me to the atrium of your abode!


O god! Make your abode
In my ethereal epitome
Level me the line of empathy
To attain divine sympathy
Mortal leads to immortal
As humanity animates
Bequeath mercy in my spirit
Burst chunks in my heart
Bestow wits in my brain
Bring sanguine in my blood
And solo soul will dwell by two
You and I in celestial confluence


Charisma of your visage
I’m an imperfect sage
Miles apart you seat
I hear your heart beat
It reverberates whole
In my throbbing soul
Scorching ember of noon
Gyrates nippy night of moon
Ethical in steamy belief
Escorts to gloomy grief
Shadow shatters attitude
Saddens no way fortitude
Passage of life is comic
Message of love is cosmic


mahatma gandhi
Valiant warrior of Non-violence
Walked in the vestibule of truth,
Stature and soul sauntered the path
Zilch yearning for the foyer of power
Initiator of inventive humane means
Epithet of ethnic amity, easing paucity,
Personification of peace and patience
Viaduct of variance and consent
Candled the radiance of a mighty Nation
Melted to solidify the power of sacrifice