Clouds that hover over the mountain pinnacle
Mould to miniscule to merge as ocean drop
Water that originates from the crystalline torrents
Vapors into condensed haze of cumulonimbus
My whispering chants of entreaty to your ears
Shower the mercy hose to fill up this rivulet
The spell of rain will realize the dreams of
Dehydrated domains in ceaseless dearth!



Pullets of cramped wings

Crave to fly in dilated sky

Pisces of goblet cheer

Peripheral planet unseen

Saline tears soluble in water

Conceal the yearning of life

Absence of the black silhouette

Sphere of fire imbues

Silver haze of ambiance

East to westward it bubbles

Profundity of the deep-sea to

Pinnacle of the blue mountain

Perpetual pilgrimage embarks

Again resurrects in the east

Plagued by pride and fury

Personal ties are sacrificed

My zeal may blaze you

But I dole out verve to all

I am nonetheless

The shadow of the scorching Sun







The Sun blazes me,
The Earth heaves me
I will not die,
Even if the gate of life
Shuts the door on my face
The tree of life flourish,
Go up and up, to the pinnacle
Beside the Gravitation;
My roots will pierce
The crust and mantle of Earth
To establish the equilibrium of Existence
The sky is also not the frontier
I plunge into the pool of billows
Amble over the continual Cosmos;
Corporal opulence shivers one day
My quest for celestial bliss
Sustain so long as the Soul lives,
I will attain the cosmic reality.
-Vigil kumar