A thing of beauty is not joy for ever
Wake up from the unbounded dream
Appetite for sumptuous and splendor
Trance manifestation of inert hopes
Aspiration swindles sentiment
Opulence flushes out in flash
All that gleams not gold ingots
Prettiness inhabits in inner mind



The Sun blazes me,
The Earth heaves me
I will not die,
Even if the gate of life
Shuts the door on my face
The tree of life flourish,
Go up and up, to the pinnacle
Beside the Gravitation;
My roots will pierce
The crust and mantle of Earth
To establish the equilibrium of Existence
The sky is also not the frontier
I plunge into the pool of billows
Amble over the continual Cosmos;
Corporal opulence shivers one day
My quest for celestial bliss
Sustain so long as the Soul lives,
I will attain the cosmic reality.
-Vigil kumar