shree krishna
Blue skinned sanctity of liveliness
Enchant our soul by your solace
Pluck a quill from your peacock crown
Soothe our spirit by clairvoyant touch
Melodious musical notes reverberate
From flamboyant chalice of eternity
Permeate doppelganger ear of deafness
Amalgamate our oxygenic core of life
Vicious serpents of venomous teeth
Dance with hoax, sleaze and rip-off
Spin the speedy helm of antidote to sever
Their cranny cranium for a bouncy horizon!



Blossom carpets of blooming bouquet
Banquet lunches in banana foliage
Boat of meander in blue deep stream
Buoyant fiesta of bright beam Onam*, welcome!
Another Indira** of arriving Yuga***, welcome!
Antique grandeur  fades, atrocities rejuvenate
Autonomous monarchs of Asura**** dominion emerge
Ask over Vamana***** to come, ambush them to Netherworld!
* Harvest Festival of Kerala, (Hindu Mythology)
** King of Gods
* ** Next Era
**** Demon
***** Incarnation of Lord Vishnu