O my Moon, gorgeous globe of the Heavens!
Swell up from the profundity of the dark sky
Stand still; wait to set, my anxious appeal,
Anguished soul of mine wants to sleep a lot
The clock strikes eleven; ultimate hour approaches,
Slumber, Slumber!  Come fast, come fast,
I crave to dream a lot, throughout the night,
And fill my mind with sacred thoughts
But the forty winks could not surmount me
Splendid beauty of the moon surpasses me
By watching your amiable visage, I dreamt a lot!


God shiva 1

Capricious soul of mine searches for solace
Surrenders your feet to cosmic convergence
Celestial pageantry of ceremonial shivrathri 
Erases the hours of nightlong darkness in life
Invincible influence of your mystical thoughts
Enlightens me from the invisible path of ignorance
Inferno of the Third eye blazes my innate ego
Trident and Drum bestows brains and hum
My spirit lounges in the margin of Hell and Heaven
Ball is in the patio of yours to choose my kismet
Every day lessens the longevity of my life
But steers me to the atrium of your abode!