sleeping beauty
Inhaling the aroma of multi-stem mallees
Scented flora of scintillating Blue Mountains
I saunter along with my colossal silhouette
In the greenish lawns of pulsating Fern hills
Amble over the foggy miasma of icy pastures
Enthralls the Emerald carvings of shrubbery
Sleeping Beauty fading in the cerulean skies
Heaves a sigh, parching in the Lovedale
A Pegasus of dynamic wings I plunge into
Superbly wooded Switzerland of the east
She cuddles me with her breezy hands
Elopes me to virgin woods of Muhurthy hills
Running torrents of Avalanche waters
Powerful Pykara and Parson’s valley
Cliff tops of down town Doddabettah
O! My ruthless beauty, top sketch of Deity
All earthly Heavens embed in Ooty


ring of saturn
No mechanism to measure
The velocity of human mind
A fire-wing rocket of fancy
Propels into the colossal
Parameter of Milky Way
Meander in the scarlet world
Dance in the ring of Saturn
Oar the ferry Moon in
Cerulean sea of Heavens
Glitter in constellation
An explorer of alien terrain
Psyche is a satellite of no orbit
Blasts off in Utopian trajectory
No coaster brake to control
Till the cycle of life blows out