The ribs of parasol haven me in
Dewy dawn, sunlit day, drizzling dusk
Cover my cadaver and carcass
Swaddle frost imbued shell of life
Endure sinister and cheerful ambiance
Until the advent of torment tornado
Shield shrinks, ribs perforate eyes
Defender twirls into demolisher
Typhoon of anger conquers soul
Shatters umbrella of unbound dreams
Covers the cadaver and carcass
Swaddles frost imbued shell of life



The gentle zephyr prowls into

The balcony window,

Embraces my physique

Just like a bosom friend

With a divine touch

Breezes over the skin

Infuses into the hairy roots

Fills neurons and nephron

Cheers up auricle and ventricle

Arteries and vascular vessels,

Dialyses inborn impurities

Cleans up cerebral aneurysm

Smashes cardiac chunks

Cuisines oxygen to toxic chambers


Those are lounger reverie

I’m a victim of historic gaffe

Alive in Anno Domini 2212

Trees are extinct dinosaur –

Remnants of the past greenery

The Earth snubs to change seasons

Torrential rains are a myth for

Cursed generation of drought

Our greedy ancestors fell down

The entire evergreen flora

Cut open the trunk of life

Guzzled blood of vegetation

Ecological disparity drives to

Disaster of the descendants


The grasses decline to mount

Thanks to chemical droppings

Top soil loses temperament,

The Sun shines scorching ember

Hiatus between men and Nature

Every moment gasps for fresh air,

Inhabitants throng in Oxygen Parlors

To purify our body and soul;

We are ready to donate blood

Who will give us fresh water?

Oh dreamy zephyr!

Come again, suffuse my cadaver!

Purify the blood of sin

Inherited from the foes of Nature