Speedy vehicles of corporal casing
Dash into the ambiance of bizarre goal
Avarice zeal with quest for assets
Venomous heart with cranny brain
Astute eyes with lame credence
Amass in the boulevard of life
Beleaguer one by one, sever laws
Neophytes to nonagenarians vie
To surmount the Grand finale
The mission of life is Death
Why this mortal combat?

Color of Corruption


Here comes Corruption,

The eighth lethal peccadillo,

Outshines Wrath, Greed, sloth,

Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony

Engulfs all akin to Tsunami


Red – taped corridors of power

Govern by the despots of

Brown envelope, tinged with

Black magic strategy blacken

Prospects of the prefecture

Blind bizarre ethics of

Blackmail nepotism helix

Greengages to gangrene;

Blue skies materialize with

Therapeutic antidote


Dark horses wrestle war

Against blueprint of white lies

In Green vestibule of truth

Animated thoughts cease

Red hot embers of sleaze!

 – Vigil Kumar