Condensed clouds of cumulonimbus bursts
The earth is soaked by the season of liquid days
Moist sun saunters over unfathomable billows
Hose – fumes of ambiance boost up greenish pastures
Water of precipitation fills craters of the carved globe
The blend of sky and earth liquefies the pangs of separation
Ancestry of the creation attains salvage by tiny droplets of rain
The manna dew of the Heavens showers the quintessence of life



Golden rays dip bed-ridden Orb

From night-long slumber

Crimson Sun infuses the horizon

Pervades milky white billows

East to West he treks a lot

Dawn to Dusk he toils a lot

Twelve noon burns his body

Delve his beloved darling

Very last she disembarks –

The lovely Moon, in full bloom,

But fervent lover – Our Sun,

Plunges into the ocean of Death

Twilight to first-light she moans

Melts like a cake- snow

Morn comes with the rebirth of Sun

And tragic romance prolongs…

-Vigil Kumar




The Sun blazes me,
The Earth heaves me
I will not die,
Even if the gate of life
Shuts the door on my face
The tree of life flourish,
Go up and up, to the pinnacle
Beside the Gravitation;
My roots will pierce
The crust and mantle of Earth
To establish the equilibrium of Existence
The sky is also not the frontier
I plunge into the pool of billows
Amble over the continual Cosmos;
Corporal opulence shivers one day
My quest for celestial bliss
Sustain so long as the Soul lives,
I will attain the cosmic reality.
-Vigil kumar