A Journo by profession, Lover of Nature, Literature, Arts etc.

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  2. subhmohanty

    Thanks Vigil for liking my post and stopping by my blog. Your poetries are awesome, looking forward to read more of you..


  3. Hi there, just popping by to say hello, and to let you know that we have a new site – http://www.dagdapublishing.co.uk

    If you want to receive future updates and poetry by new writers from us, please head to the new site, and click “Follow this blog” (You can do so by just liking a post in our blog (which is where the poetry is residing now), which then gives you the option to follow). We look forward to seeing you over there, and thank you for your support over the last year and a half. Here’s to the next chapter 🙂

    – Dagda Publishing


  4. Hi..You have an wonderful blog with beautiful words and pictures..Looking forward to read about you..I will take a look at your archives when I find time.I enjoyed visiting your blog.Thanks for dropping by mine 🙂


  5. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my poems. Thanks for giving me opportunity to visit your blog…..You have a lovely blog. I am glad to follow you…..would love to read your work.



  6. Thank you for the follow. Also for reading the poems, gave me the chance to see your blog.
    I like it very much, it’s very nice – full of life’s colors. 🙂
    I will surely visit for more fromyour pen.
    Have a good weekend!


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  8. Thank you for liking my poem and following. You know I to lived and worked in Chennai for two years (and then two years in Delhi). I have very fond memories of Tamil Nadu. Some of the pics on my blog are from there.


  9. beautifuldreams42

    Excited to see where your heart and mind will take me as I journey through your blog. Thank you for following mine, for in that, I found yours.


  10. Re: Ribs of Parasol
    When the anger conquers soul, no ribs of the umbrella will hold, because there are angry tornados that will swirl up dreams into the funnel with cadavers and carcasses, but blindly when the frost is a crust, shellfish well cooked is a new treat. Blindly, there is a ribbing to look at the shells collected on a snowy beach. Many things wash up and in the deadly cold there is dune grass and pine trees growing on shifting sand. Spare ribs can be many when umbrellas and meat need the flesh of hope. Shells can be found when the tide goes out.


  11. Hello, and thank you for visiting and choosing to follow my blog. I am very complimented by that, and I see here that we have journalism (in my case, in the past) in common — also a love of nature. Are the magnificent images I see in your posts your own work? How stunning, and how well matched with the observations for each one.


  12. Hello Sir Vigil Kumar,

    First of all, I hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. Also, I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my short stories and poetry do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride. Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein


  13. Vigil – thanks for the follow – I too am a journalist, or have been in the past. Now, I teach the subject at my local community college. I am eager to sample your writing which, from the titles (timber Heart & Color of Corruption et al) sounds intriguing. Peace to you and, again, thanks.


  14. Hi Vigil! I came across your site because Nostalgia was reblogged by Om Malik, whom I follow. What a fortuitous find! The images that accompany your poems are fantastic. Oh and I loved the acrostic.

    Would it be possible to link to some of your other social media/email etc. on your about page maybe? I can’t find your gravatar for the life of me.. and I’d love to chat a bit more in depth~


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