Condensed clouds of cumulonimbus bursts
The earth is soaked by the season of liquid days
Moist sun saunters over unfathomable billows
Hose – fumes of ambiance boost up greenish pastures
Water of precipitation fills craters of the carved globe
The blend of sky and earth liquefies the pangs of separation
Ancestry of the creation attains salvage by tiny droplets of rain
The manna dew of the Heavens showers the quintessence of life

13 thoughts on “NIMBUS

  1. The feelings that flow at rains touch, the static in the air’s prequel to the storms sequel to union between sky and earth, nature in cascades to lifes’ evolving earth… Well written, and spoken.


  2. blogblogmine

    mystery lies in every creation of God… see CLOUDS are no exclusive,
    there are so many varieties of it
    It amazes me 🙂


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