The blooming garden of
Bewilderment shines
Perturbed passions
Reborn in the altar of soul
Life is slipping away
In the plummet of the day
Roses and dahlias
Dazzle in airborne colors
Never fear to face
Yet another dawn
Death – O – meter strikes
But cheer, all in the life

14 thoughts on “THE DAWN

  1. pi314chron

    Ahhhh! So reminiscent of the coffeehouse poetry of the Beatnik Generation! Heady stuff indeed. Your mature poetic voice cries out to be heard by the world. 🙄

    Thanks also for following my blog. Hope u enjoy the haiku!



  2. Kev

    I like it, but the “Death – O – Meter” Quite took me by surprise and seemed like a stab in the heart! Wow, to stir someone’s emotion so suddenly like that! Amazing.


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