Million eyes gaze on your facade,
You make tranquil in our heart and sense
Transcend minds to ease mortal miseries
Bequeath myriad verse to rhymesters
Bestow maudlin tides to aficionados
Wherever ascending or descending
We glimpse the inimitable veneer
Rhythmic to synchronous revolution
You stoop to no one’s supremacy
No colorful charade in any milieu
You are primed of stone and sludge
But flesh and blood to us –
A very passionate soul of life
 – Vigil Kumar


waveScorching Sun seldom shattered
By sauntering in the vibes of the billows
Sapphire sky in no way weary of
The blazing sun or breezy moon
Water’s edge never fatigued
By watching the dance of the wave
Brook is sweaty once in a blue moon
By hilarious guzzling of covetous men
Never I dead-beat by your nuance heart
In search of my salvaged soul
Hair’s breadth I ebb and flow in
Gratifying the pipe- dream of your wits
Not the least bit have I ignored
The love of drizzle you sprinkled on me;
In the gloominess of your absence
I glimpse the dazzling stars of you! 


The fiesta of visual sanctity-
Vista of  auspicious exuberance                                                              
O God, blissful infant of infinity
I propose myself oblate to your feet
I have no yearning for
Chimera of sumptuousness
Drive away dearth and corrupt
Bestow mirth and candid to globe
Let fun and tune of new dawn
Tag on rest of the eon!


Vigil Kumar

One brain’s verdict escorts
Mayhem of whole realm
Silicon chips of novel thoughts
Hatch in the highbrow chamber
Lackluster in black-letter flavor
We burrow crater in our own feet
Fragile moralities of flimsy life
Permeate the soul of heartless
Pansy flower of human fascia
Laughs at our mirth and dearth
You’re gratis to chuckle and giggle
Until lumbering life of hypocrisy ends 

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Vigil Kumar


Pullets of cramped wings

Crave to fly in dilated sky

Pisces of goblet cheer

Peripheral planet unseen

Saline tears soluble in water

Conceal the yearning of life

Absence of the black silhouette

Sphere of fire imbues

Silver haze of ambiance

East to westward it bubbles

Profundity of the deep-sea to

Pinnacle of the blue mountain

Perpetual pilgrimage embarks

Again resurrects in the east

Plagued by pride and fury

Personal ties are sacrificed

My zeal may blaze you

But I dole out verve to all

I am nonetheless

The shadow of the scorching Sun





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Vigil Kumar


Visionaries of blind notion
With endless destination we go
Anonymous men of antonyms
Theocracy in theatrical views
We born to die, live to eat
 We must be kind only to be cruel
Inhale to gasp, annoy to adore
Slay to love, stay alive to devour
Greed to bestow, cram to gloom
Wake to sleep, dream to slumber
 Walks of life with eternal sprint
We munch money, swig blood
Ignore kindred, censure God
Neglect the path of wisdom
And at last forget to breathe

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