Visionaries of blind notion
With endless destination we go
Anonymous men of antonyms
Theocracy in theatrical views
We born to die, live to eat
 We must be kind only to be cruel
Inhale to gasp, annoy to adore
Slay to love, stay alive to devour
Greed to bestow, cram to gloom
Wake to sleep, dream to slumber
 Walks of life with eternal sprint
We munch money, swig blood
Ignore kindred, censure God
Neglect the path of wisdom
And at last forget to breathe

18 thoughts on “KIND TO BE CRUEL

  1. I discovered your poetry this morning. This piece speaks to me through the juice of paradox which I adore. Very well done. Thank you for reading my work and through that means, I have discovered yours.


    1. i designed all this i am the mean median and mode
      sometimes i kill all right handed people on the far right
      avarage = ava RAGE
      garage = ga RAGE
      storage = Store RAGE
      i a father of fathers Elohim am the mean the ava-Rage
      love and rage is just up and down and we are super balls


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