Visionaries of blind notion
With endless destination we go
Anonymous men of antonyms
Theocracy in theatrical views
We born to die, live to eat
 We must be kind only to be cruel
Inhale to gasp, annoy to adore
Slay to love, stay alive to devour
Greed to bestow, cram to gloom
Wake to sleep, dream to slumber
 Walks of life with eternal sprint
We munch money, swig blood
Ignore kindred, censure God
Neglect the path of wisdom
And at last forget to breathe


God shiva 1

Capricious soul of mine searches for solace
Surrenders your feet to cosmic convergence
Celestial pageantry of ceremonial shivrathri 
Erases the hours of nightlong darkness in life
Invincible influence of your mystical thoughts
Enlightens me from the invisible path of ignorance
Inferno of the Third eye blazes my innate ego
Trident and Drum bestows brains and hum
My spirit lounges in the margin of Hell and Heaven
Ball is in the patio of yours to choose my kismet
Every day lessens the longevity of my life
But steers me to the atrium of your abode!



Pullets of cramped wings

Crave to fly in dilated sky

Pisces of goblet cheer

Peripheral planet unseen

Saline tears soluble in water

Conceal the yearning of life

Absence of the black silhouette

Sphere of fire imbues

Silver haze of ambiance

East to westward it bubbles

Profundity of the deep-sea to

Pinnacle of the blue mountain

Perpetual pilgrimage embarks

Again resurrects in the east

Plagued by pride and fury

Personal ties are sacrificed

My zeal may blaze you

But I dole out verve to all

I am nonetheless

The shadow of the scorching Sun







sleeping beauty
Inhaling the aroma of multi-stem mallees
Scented flora of scintillating Blue Mountains
I saunter along with my colossal silhouette
In the greenish lawns of pulsating Fern hills
Amble over the foggy miasma of icy pastures
Enthralls the Emerald carvings of shrubbery
Sleeping Beauty fading in the cerulean skies
Heaves a sigh, parching in the Lovedale
A Pegasus of dynamic wings I plunge into
Superbly wooded Switzerland of the east
She cuddles me with her breezy hands
Elopes me to virgin woods of Muhurthy hills
Running torrents of Avalanche waters
Powerful Pykara and Parson’s valley
Cliff tops of down town Doddabettah
O! My ruthless beauty, top sketch of Deity
All earthly Heavens embed in Ooty