We, the denizens of the exponential earth
Whimsical manifestation of sixth brains
Wrestle for terra firma, fulsomeness and arms
With cold-shoulder sympathy of evolution
 Tranquility is the quintessence of persona
Transmigration of harmonies soul to soul
Transforms emblematic entity to ethereal deity
Temple of God embellish in the sanctum of heart
East or West, Arctic or Antarctic, axis of earth
Evolves ahead the holiness of human morals
Earthly lives of battering days reload by peace
Ethical dove, let dwell in olive twigs for ever

21 thoughts on “WAR IS OVER, IF YOU WANT IT

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  2. saw you liked a post on my blog and i figured id check yours out, your use of words is very strong and you produce excellent imagery. I love the rhythm of this poem, it paces itself in reflection to the mood the title sets. Well done!

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