lord shiva
Yacht of forlorn life cruises on
Shoreless sea of volcanic turbulence
Yearning for the dazzling beacon
To show the shoreline of serenity
Hollow blue of marine amalgamates
The canvas of colossal firmament
Verve and loss theaters hide and seek
Ventures the spirit of gracious soul
O Almighty, throw your trident to slay
My chimera of ill-omened vibes
Orbiting over the physique and psyche
Ease me from invincible orb of illusion

18 thoughts on “SLAY MY CHIMERA

  1. A beautiful, engaging and thought-proving poem, Kumar. I enjoyed the sense of movement that comes with the boat, water and trident. Given the illustration, I know you are reference Shiva with the trident. If it weren’t for that, I would have assumed Neptune … That combination somehow seems doubly delightful to me.

    Poem on, Kumar. Always a delight.

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