mahatma gandhi
Valiant warrior of Non-violence
Walked in the vestibule of truth,
Stature and soul sauntered the path
Zilch yearning for the foyer of power
Initiator of inventive humane means
Epithet of ethnic amity, easing paucity,
Personification of peace and patience
Viaduct of variance and consent
Candled the radiance of a mighty Nation
Melted to solidify the power of sacrifice

31 thoughts on “MAHATMA”

  1. A great tribute to a great man. “Personification of peace and patience”, the world is in dire need of another Mahatma.

    It is lovely to meet another poet. Your words stir the soul.
    Thanks for visiting and liking soulsnet because now I have followed you here.



  2. The above–quite beautiful–and the sentiment, if not the exact words, incidentally, inspired my sonnet and its haiku introduction, it was something that was sparked within me on the site of another blogger, coincidentally enough. But the work was not finished here yet. I remember finding the quote, being amazed at the coincidence and sending you the above.

    Incidentally, not that this matters much, but I did do some research on the above quote by Ghandi. It appears to be a paraphrase from something he said–very much the same meaning, but eloquent in the way in which he so often was:

    “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

    May God bless, and, in case you are interested:


  3. Wonderfully written. A beautiful tribute. We seem to appreciate and want to restore similar values in the world…I wrote a tribute to Mandela last year and appreciate your admiration and mourning for the lack of such leaders today. Thank you for honouring what is honourable.


  4. I read; and enrich.
    I comment, like, and agree.
    I follow, devout:

    The order in which
    I prefer to see this be.
    So, in my redoubt,

    I’m the change in pitch
    I wish, in the world, to see–
    and to bring about.


  5. Valiant warrior of Non-violence – from my Protestant Christian roots reminds of hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” but certainly not the same as the Crusades a thousand years ago. More in tune with aims of Salvation Army charity organization.


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