Come rain, come
Hover the clouds
Over the barren lands
Come rain, come
Pour your showers to
Succor the thirst of earth
Come rain, come
Furnish green to the
Foliage of the nature
Come rain, come
Endow endurance to the
Creatures of the soil
Come rain, come
Fill up water to the
Basin of the existence
Come rain, come
Dispense water to the
Sizzling ember of summer
Come rain, come
Bestow energy to all the
Lives of the mother earth
Come rain, come
Fill the plateau and plains
Equate upper and lower
Come rain, come
Wash away all the
Impurities of human
Come rain, come
Flush out all the
Deadly sins of ours!

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Cheery visage of chic flora
Captivates the cadence of life
Blooming garden of buoyancy
Surmises not the survival
Today is the aperture of
Rest of the lustrous days
Breathe the verve of bliss
Before the petals wither
Let the bouquet of fragrance
Blossom in pretty colors



Here comes Corruption,

The eighth lethal peccadillo,

Outshines Wrath, Greed, sloth,

Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony

Engulfs all akin to Tsunami


Red – taped corridors of power

Govern by the despots of

Brown envelope, tinged with

Black magic strategy blacken

Prospects of the prefecture

Blind bizarre ethics of

Blackmail nepotism helix

Greengages to gangrene;

Blue skies materialize with

Therapeutic antidote


Dark horses wrestle war

Against blueprint of white lies

In Green vestibule of truth

Animated thoughts cease

Red hot embers of sleaze!

 – Vigil Kumar


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mahatma gandhi
Valiant warrior of Non-violence
Walked in the vestibule of truth,
Stature and soul sauntered the path
Zilch yearning for the foyer of power
Initiator of inventive humane means
Epithet of ethnic amity, easing paucity,
Personification of peace and patience
Viaduct of variance and consent
Candled the radiance of a mighty Nation
Melted to solidify the power of sacrifice