Amity destined for treaty
Charity for prosperity
Harmony for hostility
Love for lusty cupidity
Compassion to comply
Comradeship to compromise
Crusade to conquer
Currency to cast vote
Nuptial- knot to bid- adieu
Paternity by gene testimony
Probity only in daylight
Hypocrisy in noble heart
Pardon, Shakespeare
For the amendment of
Your trustworthy quote…
Frailty, thy name is Human!

18 thoughts on “FRAILTY, THY NAME IS…”

  1. Well done look at our dark side. We all have that dark side. No Yang without Yin. I like to think that most of us most of the time choose wisely from the tendencies. To quote a favorite character of mine, . “It is our choices Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”


  2. This is what I have been searching in quite a few web pages and I ultimately identified it right here. Wonderful post. I am so impressed. Could under no circumstances imagine of these a point is attainable with it…I imagine you have a excellent information in particular while dealings with these kinds of topics.


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