Vigil Kumar


Romantic Rose,

We devour your grandeur

Inhale the fragrance of soul

Fluffy fruition bombasts

Entrench ego of men


Boundless gusto

Flutters wingless men to

Illimitable destination

Makes dreamers of

Somber situations


Tearful agony,

Fearful future

Vanish to vapours;

Spring-tide passion

Erupts to tranquil


Shielded in the

 Spiny fortress

Wither your petals

Fade your colors

Span of life ends


Living legendary verve

Artistic spell, magic charm

Memoirs of Rose tinges

Aroma of human destiny

Life is short; live happily


Romantic Rose,

We inhale the fragrance of

Your solemn soul

Abode in the coppice of

Human life, gladly!


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