Vigil Kumar

With your silver coated
Glassy walls, Oh Mirror,
You cage my facsimile.
 I can perceive, touch and feel,
Even groom my appearance
No machine, inbuilt motor,
You are self-motivated,
Jump, act, laugh and cry,
Whatever I do, you do,
Live credential of my actions
Twin layer of element
In your rear surface
Sparkle the front complexion
Make you speedy and perfect
Lucid facial manifestation
We are human, most inhuman
In actions, hard heartened
With flesh and blood;
Bone and Marrow, with ego
Packed in the corporal mirror
When scintillating mirror breaks,
Images split into myriad pieces,
Human image, as well grind
To granules, when lacks
Innate virtues of humane.

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