Blossom carpets of blooming bouquet
Banquet lunches in banana foliage
Boat of meander in blue deep stream
Buoyant fiesta of bright beam Onam*, welcome!
Another Indira** of arriving Yuga***, welcome!
Antique grandeur  fades, atrocities rejuvenate
Autonomous monarchs of Asura**** dominion emerge
Ask over Vamana***** to come, ambush them to Netherworld!
* Harvest Festival of Kerala, (Hindu Mythology)
** King of Gods
* ** Next Era
**** Demon
***** Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

11 thoughts on “WELCOME MAHABALI!

  1. Mahabali was the great yet egotistical lord of the south who so commanded the universe that Vishnu had to incarnate to teach him a lesson as the Avatar Vaman ( the dwarf?) taking three steps to humble him – the third step being his annhilation after Vaman stepped on the earth the heavens and had no place to put his third promised step which the great king allowed ( three short steps in his kingdom only – seemingly something he could easily grant the puny brahmin) – so the third step was on his head – Mahabali ( superman) then understood that arrogance and impudence were not the goal and humbly submitted to to true understanding of the nature of being.

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    1. Mahabali lived before the time of Mahabharata. Mahabali lived in Treta Yuga (2nd Yuga). The events of the Mahabharata take place at the end of the Dwapara Yuga (3rd), Now it’s Kali Yuga (4th), according to the Hindu mythology. Thank you.


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