Blossom carpets of blooming bouquet
Banquet lunches in banana foliage
Boat of meander in blue deep stream
Buoyant fiesta of bright beam Onam*, welcome!
Another Indira** of arriving Yuga***, welcome!
Antique grandeur  fades, atrocities rejuvenate
Autonomous monarchs of Asura**** dominion emerge
Ask over Vamana***** to come, ambush them to Netherworld!
* Harvest Festival of Kerala, (Hindu Mythology)
** King of Gods
* ** Next Era
**** Demon
***** Incarnation of Lord Vishnu



We are lambs of abattoir
Waiting for a shepherd to
Bestow salvage from slaughter
We gasp in the globe of our own,
Catastrophe augment crescendo
Resonant reminiscences of
Blissful and blessed past nourish
The life of ingenious monotony,
Starlight Wilderness of severity
Beacon unfocused ferryboat
We are confined birds longing for
Fluttering firmament of choice
Perseverance fades to seasons
Capricious orators, avarice curators
Capture the corpus of life
Inbuilt silicon chips of our brain
Patent to others whimsical notion
Diligent efforts of Sixth sense
Betoken the longest lexis,
–       Vigil Kumar
* Habit of estimating something as worthless



The gentle zephyr prowls into

The balcony window,

Embraces my physique

Just like a bosom friend

With a divine touch

Breezes over the skin

Infuses into the hairy roots

Fills neurons and nephron

Cheers up auricle and ventricle

Arteries and vascular vessels,

Dialyses inborn impurities

Cleans up cerebral aneurysm

Smashes cardiac chunks

Cuisines oxygen to toxic chambers


Those are lounger reverie

I’m a victim of historic gaffe

Alive in Anno Domini 2212

Trees are extinct dinosaur –

Remnants of the past greenery

The Earth snubs to change seasons

Torrential rains are a myth for

Cursed generation of drought

Our greedy ancestors fell down

The entire evergreen flora

Cut open the trunk of life

Guzzled blood of vegetation

Ecological disparity drives to

Disaster of the descendants


The grasses decline to mount

Thanks to chemical droppings

Top soil loses temperament,

The Sun shines scorching ember

Hiatus between men and…

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Animated thoughts
Beneath brainpower
Captivate the soul of
Daydream life,
Enchant emotions,
Foist follies,
Guarantee blithe of
Holistic hallows,
Immortalize from
Jettison of chaos,
Kindle color to
Livid subsistence;
Melancholic to festive,
Nervous to delightful,
Opaque empathy to
Placate resilience;
Quixotic to
Robust stance,
Squalid lean-to
Tasteful semblance,
Unfit cadence to
Vigorous vibrations,
Wings of blaze waver
Xenon ambiance,
Yachting oceanic skies by
Zealous zest and verve




Garlands may garnish neck
Nonetheless, it is stowage
Crowns may adorn the head,
But thorny to the sovereign
Lineage of survival says
The foot prints of the past
Laurels in the threshold
Peter out one day or another
Novice or No -wise
Experience moulds everyone,
Pedagogic the art to
Learn the lexicon of life.
The last garland falls one day
When world no longer bears
The chemistry of life is so sacred
We make it history
Enabling the inner mind
Evading jealousy, fury, desire
Perform the art of living
Where the realm of soul dwells.

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NASA’s Mars science rover Curiosity performed a daredevil
descent through pink Martian skies late on Sunday to clinch an historic
landing inside an ancient crater, ready to search for signs the Red
Planet may once have harbored key ingredients for life.

– courtesy: Reuters

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