We dwell in a rented world

Nothing to take away

When realm of life ends

Living in an Orb of chaos

Where contraceptives and

Ultrasonic waves decide 

The birth of the generation


God–men topple genuine Gods

Oracles manage our hope

Blind and deaf in aloof jiffy,

Camouflage chameleons in

Selfish situation, we endorse

Subtle chauvinism, zealous egos,

Shun our prowess of insight


Cradle to Necropolis, we subsist

Credited Monarchs of Bamboozle

Quest for opulence evict ethics

Ensue standoffish, swindle souls,

And our ultimate aim is nothing,

What we gross, what we miss,

The bonds of the life quash one day.






Golden rays dip bed-ridden Orb

From night-long slumber

Crimson Sun infuses the horizon

Pervades milky white billows

East to West he treks a lot

Dawn to Dusk he toils a lot

Twelve noon burns his body

Delve his beloved darling

Very last she disembarks –

The lovely Moon, in full bloom,

But fervent lover – Our Sun,

Plunges into the ocean of Death

Twilight to first-light she moans

Melts like a cake- snow

Morn comes with the rebirth of Sun

And tragic romance prolongs…

-Vigil Kumar



Romantic Rose,

We devour your grandeur

Inhale the fragrance of soul

Fluffy fruition bombasts

Entrench ego of men


Boundless gusto

Flutters wingless men to

Illimitable destination

Makes dreamers of

Somber situations


Tearful agony,

Fearful future

Vanish to vapours;

Spring-tide passion

Erupts to tranquil


Shielded in the

 Spiny fortress

Wither your petals

Fade your colors

Span of life ends


Living legendary verve

Artistic spell, magic charm

Memoirs of Rose tinges

Aroma of human destiny

Life is short; live happily


Romantic Rose,

We inhale the fragrance of

Your solemn soul

Abode in the coppice of

Human life, gladly!





Evergreen terrain of

Enormous Earth

Cavernous blue sea

Iceberg Antarctica

Flora and fauna

Rivulet and reservoirs

The most venerated

Sixth sense, Farewell!


Yet another world is

Waiting for us,

Neither Heaven nor Hell

But, mighty Mars,

The sibling of Earth,

Fourth globe of Astral

With lively hope

Welcome us alive


Survival in the new world

Is in the offing

Our offspring in

Centuries ahead will

Build castles in

Nano phase red soil

Make green and blue

Discover essence of life


Topless skyscrapers

Under pink nebula

Form the world of Unity

Come, conquer the Mars,

The God of War will battle

Caste, color and corruption

We will bury our earthly

Sins in the Martian grave!


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