Evergreen terrain of

Enormous Earth

Cavernous blue sea

Iceberg Antarctica

Flora and fauna

Rivulet and reservoirs

The most venerated

Sixth sense, Farewell!


Yet another world is

Waiting for us,

Neither Heaven nor Hell

But, mighty Mars,

The sibling of Earth,

Fourth globe of Astral

With lively hope

Welcome us alive


Survival in the new world

Is in the offing

Our offspring in

Centuries ahead will

Build castles in

Nano phase red soil

Make green and blue

Discover essence of life


Topless skyscrapers

Under pink nebula

Form the world of Unity

Come, conquer the Mars,

The God of War will battle

Caste, color and corruption

We will bury our earthly

Sins in the Martian grave!


31 thoughts on “VOYAGE

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  2. Dear Vigil Kumar, Love your style. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my poem ‘The Disc’. They mean a lot. It’s so nice to know what I have written is enjoyed. Best wishes, Malctg


  3. Like your optimism. Science has its limitations; after all even Einstein had to resort to ‘equations of eternity’! Nevertheless, one has to believe in something. Why not science? Keep it up!


  4. This poem is great! I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson speak last month and he talked about the importance of writer’s being influenced by the cosmos and science — so great to see this inspiration in your writing.


  5. Brainy Miscellany

    One can only hope that the humanity of the future doesn’t mindlessly abuse and neglect whatever new home they adopt as we have our beautiful, abundant Gaia.


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