Garlands may garnish neck
Nonetheless, it is stowage
Crowns may adorn the head,
But thorny to the sovereign
Lineage of survival says
The foot prints of the past
Laurels in the threshold
Peter out one day or another
Novice or No -wise
Experience moulds everyone,
Pedagogic the art to
Learn the lexicon of life.
The last garland falls one day
When world no longer bears
The chemistry of life is so sacred
We make it history
Enabling the inner mind
Evading jealousy, fury, desire
Perform the art of living
Where the realm of soul dwells.

9 thoughts on “LEXICON OF LIFE

  1. Thank you, vigikumar, for following my blog. I hope you will enjoy it. Let me know from time to time what suggestions you might have. I am “all over the place” with my hobbies. I like your Lexicon of Life, especially the last two lines; they could be a poem all by themselves.


  2. A wise man has found and appreciates my thoughts… A warmth washes over my soul, calming and vaguely cosmic. The consciousness grid is blooming, we’re weaving the seams with synaptic firings, a pyrotechnic display celebrating gratitude.


  3. Of all your poetry, Lexicon speaks to me on a level unlike anything else. It is so clear and honest and without embellishment. Like another said here, “it unfolds so easily.” Truly beautiful.


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