The Sun blazes me,
The Earth heaves me
I will not die,
Even if the gate of life
Shuts the door on my face
The tree of life flourish,
Go up and up, to the pinnacle
Beside the Gravitation;
My roots will pierce
The crust and mantle of Earth
To establish the equilibrium of Existence
The sky is also not the frontier
I plunge into the pool of billows
Amble over the continual Cosmos;
Corporal opulence shivers one day
My quest for celestial bliss
Sustain so long as the Soul lives,
I will attain the cosmic reality.
-Vigil kumar

21 thoughts on “THE TRUTH

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  2. Vigilkumar, Hello, I’m KB from The Mirror Obscura you began following today. I wanted to thank you and hope you enjoy your stay. I thought it only right to repay the favor. I read only a very few poets when I do, I promise to read through your work and hope to enjoy what I see. I’m sure you know that oiur styles are much different, But then I am also much olde than you and your generation. I write with my focus on form serving function, but in the end I can always tell whenm something is in my style. I would be interested in over time sharing poetics now and a again. Please feel free to be critical of my work. No one is harder on myself than I am. KB


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