Though rough and tough,
This celestial ball
Looks like a marble;
Infiltrates the silver cloud
And so our body and soul,
Engulfs our thoughts… 
Passionate in appearance
Prompt in performance
Scientific in approach;
Teaches the philosophy of nature
By waxing and waning:
 ‘Overcome all ups and downs’

47 thoughts on “THE MOON”

  1. Hi Vigil and greetings! Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to getting to know you through your words! Best – Bill


  2. Many thanks for this poetic inspiration. Yes, this orb affects our bodies, minds, and emotions through its electro-magnetic influences and gravitational pull…also symbolic for the ups and downs of our personal lives in which we eventually gain mastery through awareness and remembrance of our connection to Spirit (Life/God). Delighted to read your posts. Shelley


  3. This is an example of my favorite type of poetry, simple yet thought provoking. Thanks for liking my latest poem ‘Arrogance,’ and for following Dirtywordlaundry. I’m enjoying treading your blog and I’ll be following you as well!


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